what is the meaning of removing identity for getting enlightenment.

At first you know should about what is this identity is all about. What are these identities that I had been talking that you should remove in order to get enlightenment. I want to just look at you since your early childhood. From your early childhood to adult ,how you had been made. It is all the identities and opinion which is given my others which had made you. Your thinking ability, your decision making all happens by the opinion given by others, because you are just programmed by others opinions and words. Actually in this busy world you had not got much chance to listen to yourself. Have you remember, your father praising you after you got good rank in school or your mother scolding you for your bad result. And this opinion of other had just given you a new identity. That you think either you are intelligent one or you are dumb one. In this way the opinions and identity given by other had made you.

Not only this much the opinion of other friend and people also plays and important role in setting identity for you. Just look at this, some friend of you might says that you are beautiful and this single word completely change the programming of your mind and then you start feeling that I am beautiful and this creates another identity for you. I am not telling that feeling yourself beautiful is not good. But what is not good is, if someone tells you ugly then you will start feeling sad and doubting yourself. I want to tell you that don’t let any others opinion decide your joy, happiness and feelings. Neither the person giving opinion to you knows actual quality of you nor you know, actually what you are. In this way this identity and opinion of other just gives the false perception of yourself. And this is the main reason, the person of this world are not enlightened. And this is the reason they are going to remain in dark for no reason.

Some people may asks, does it seems to feel painful in removing all these identities. And I would like to say these identities are not physical one, these are just the psychological stuffs or which are not even real. Then you tell me does it seems to painful in removing all these identities which are not even real. Some questions are there that what would be remaining inside me if I am willing to try remove my identities. There will be the true nature of yours. And what is that true nature? The true nature is ultimate bliss, joy, compassion, love. Which you had been searching your entire life outside that had been already inside you. And with this pure love you would be near to god, also people had given this word enlightenment.

Once you really realized that all I was just the nonsense identities and opinion of others, then whole new power will evolve inside you. And this power will work as the fuel for your self realization. Once you will consciously know that all my life I was just the false opinions and identities of others this will make you rebellious, and this nature of yours will fasten your spiritual growth. Also I want to add that don’t take opinions from other people and try to sit alone with nature for 10–15 minutes daily either early in the morning or at evening. This will play an important role for your spiritual growth.


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