What is enlightenment? How a person can achieve it.

The word enlightenment, itself defines its meaning. En means inside and enlightenment means to lit up. Combined the word defines glow from inside, not in terms of the facial glow, but you are glowing from inside. The light energy which was already present inside you from the very first beginning. You are just aware of it now. Enlightenment itself tells that how fool you were from the beginning that which is present inside you, you can know that now. Many people or gurus think that enlightenment is the last step or finish point of life. But I completely disagree with this statement. In my view, it is just the beginning of a new life which you were completely unaware of it.

I want to make you understand, by giving an example of it. As above there is a graph showing two sides of life.on left there is the negative side showing lust anger greed and on the positive side there is bliss, ecstasy, and in between there is the mark of origin, which shows enlightenment. From this context, I want to make you aware that the negative side of the graph, simplifies the life you were living before the enlightenment. And origin indicates the enlightenment from this, you can see that enlightenment itself is not an accomplishment for the life.But it is the journey towards the ultimate and divinity.

Enlightenment is not a step process. It is a series of steps for getting clarification to life. Many people would think that what is the point of enlightenment? why should I invest my time to get enlightenment,? And the answer is simple, it will give you clarity in life and clarification for all your questions that had been eating up you from inside. I have listened, to some of the spiritual leaders sharing their experiences towards enlightenment that is suddenly, I had gone there and sat upon something and this happened and I became enlightened. But I want to say that all of their experiences are misguided for you people. I want to say that the experiences are not themselves enlightenment. Don’t try to run for the place to shit and hope for enlightenment. oh sorry, it was sitting but jokes apart. Enlightenment is something that happens from the inside not stimulated by some kind of LSD or outer influences.

Now I want you to say what is enlightenment. It is the gradual increment in the clarification of life. And it is the conscious and aware response to the people around you, which makes you an enlightened person. And the most important thing, to get enlightenment is the clear observation of the life and situation around you without making prejudice, opinions toward life and Its situations. And to get experiences of enlightenment you have to do identify with the identities you have accumulated from your early childhood. After removing all your identities then only the divinity flows inside you and gets enlightenment.



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